Deva Suckerman
Musings 1-3Musings 3Musings 2Musings 1EmpressKnowingEmergingRemnantsDuskConnectingnewuntitledOf Her Own...All Is Never LostLooking BackShadowingThe Stars Are ProjectorsEmbodiedRed SkyHarmonyLayersCultivatingNight WalkingAfter the StormMoonriseAll is AloftSmall Gifts 2Small Gifts 1HummingbirdNight OwlThis is the DayWith the StarsManifestingTaking Noticefrom left to right:
With the Stars    (sold)
Manifesting (sold)
Taking Notice (sold)Miniatures 7-9Miniatures 4-6Miniatures 1-3Private PlacesFeeling It ThroughShe Hangs BrightlyWaterfallUndercoverThe Lightness of ThingsStrange New WorldMindscapingIn Bigger MomentsLook In Her EyesFinding Sheltersmall worksBlendingMystic #2scarletGolden #4ReleasedSpringIllusionistFinding Her WayTuned InCreating SpaceShimmerStarry NightSleepwalkingMidnightWarrior GirlIt's In the AirWise OneGroundling, miniature #5PlanetarySoftly, miniature #4MomentaryCrimson, Miniature #3Sweet DreamsInto the WildGolden #3Green #2MysticInnocenceWhisperWaves #2Miniature #1Miniature #2Long LostIllusionaryLittle QueenAquaticMultiplicityKeeping It SimplePortalsCarried AwayTen Leaves LeftGreenGoldenTapestryCloserSunsetSecret KeeperShe Knows It's TrueQuiet StormButterflyAirPatternsEchoUpSoundClearPinwheelFlightStarsSkySwayAs it Is, As it WasSmall Thoughts 9 (Electric)WavesSmall Thoughts 7 (Above)
Small Thoughts 8 (Little One)Part and ApartSmall Thoughts 4-6Circles 1-3Stillness 1-3Small Thoughts 1-3Mosaics 1-2Small Works Installation
Small Works Gallery
Just as much heart and soul, but in a smaller package...

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